Evgeniy Vaschenko (V4W.ENKO) is a young upcoming Ukrainian artist working in the fields of live electronics, sound art and video art. His work is realized by manipulating self programmed algorithms in realtime.

During the DAY programme he will lead a workshop Max/MSP – a visual programming tool – with the title ‘Fast approaches in algorithmic sound’. Evgeniy will work with a few participants on fast techniques to create patches and build a collective organism-network of patches. These patches will communicate with each other and generate live structures of sound. A kind of collective laptop-orchestra, but without a conductor. Next to the creation of this orchestra, the workshop will function as a meeting place for all visitors who want to share knowledge or like to know a bit more about Max.

More info on the workshops can be found here. Get Max now!


What is V4W.ENKO?
V4W.ENKO is the media project by Evgeniy Vaschenko, started in 2007 and based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2007 V4W.ENKO has released over 9 solo and 3 collaborative albums. In 2011, the audio/visual CD album “Harmonic Ratio”(2009) was nominated in the “Discovery” category at the “Qwartz Awards” (run by Alva Noto and Matali Crasset).

What is Max?
Max is a visual programming tool, which gives you the parts to create unique sounds, stunning visuals, and engaging interactive media. These parts are called ‘objects’ – visual boxes that contain tiny programs to do something specific. Each object does something different. Some make noises, some make video effects, others just do simple calculations or make decisions. In Max you add objects to a visual canvas and connect them together with patchcords. You can use as many as you like. By combining objects, you create interactive and unique software without ever writing any code (you can do that too if you really want to).