Before moving on to the NIGHT programme, we’ll close the DAY programme with a bang. A central lecture (18:30 – 20:15) will take place at De Verdieping. Three inspiring guests will talk about their work, inspiration and the now-and-happening in contemporary art, design and technology. Two guests have already been confirmed: Mexican based Interaction Design hero Josué Ibàñez (curator of the highly acclaimed number one motion graphic Vimeo channel EXPM) and upcoming Utrecht based mulit-media collective Zesbaans. Full Tickets and tickets for the DAY programme also grant access to the DAY Talk.


Josué Ibáñez

Context of the Talk
There’s an explosion of innovative ‘translations’ happening at the crossroads of art, design and technology. Fuelled by recent developments in the ‘open’ creative culture, like open design platforms, shared knowledge and open generative software, new perspectives on the virtual and the real are created by artists, designers, technologists and coders. And the most exciting thing is: they are blurring the borders between their disciplines. Almost the same can be said about the relationship between the creator (or performer) and the receiver (or beholder).

Because of this new open-culture, huge amounts of data – captured by sensors – can be shared by designers, artists and coders to visualize the way we live, work and communicate. Audiovisual artists team up with IA designers, production-labs and tech-heads to translate the virtual into physical experiences. With the use of computerised production methodes, like 3D printing, Rapid Prototyping and generative software like Processing and openFrameworks, we see new and unconventional art, fashion and design evolve. Merging and translating the virtual into the real, and vice versa.

What binds all of these creatives is 1) the desire to explore a new frontier outside the borders of their traditional disciplines, 2) the use of code and 3) the work is generative by nature.

This years’ festival talk is all about these new emerging audio/visual art forms, the overlap between creative fields and the way artists with various backgrounds work together. And above all,  a look into the work, minds and the opportunities of the future by three of our guests.