Elapse is a participatory installation that builds up an asynchronous image of the environment, capturing elapsed time and space in one constructed scene. The artwork consists of a booth with three screens and a user interface to manipulate the capturing process. The audience is free to move a wireless camera around the venue of the festival. Bits of the captured video image are copied to a new scene, constructing a composition holding a visualization of elapsed time in space.

The artwork debuted at the Freemote Festival in Utrecht, where Arne gained a lot of interesting insights and inspiration to develop a second version of the project. Improving the user experience, presentation and interaction with the system.

Concerning the theme ‘sharing signals’, Elapse is a very on-topic contribution. Together with Arne we’re working on the possibility to develop a live stream to the web, which could result in a live report of the festival through one of the artworks itself. Besides a live stream, the installation saves the compositions which leads to about 2000 jpg images a day, to be used in print, web, or video media.

About the artist
Arne Boon is a researcher, designer and developer in interactive media technologies contributing to science and arts. More info on Arne can be found on his artist page.