Zesbaans is a new media collective based in Utrecht. Their projects range from gallery expositions to nightlife installations, with an emphasis on technology and interactivity. Founded in 2007, the team consists of young designers with backgrounds in digital media design, interaction design, motion graphics, VJ-ing and technology. Current members are Eelke Feenstra, Max Italiaander, Juul Spee, Mitchel Tan and Harm van de Ven.

In one of their latest projects called ‘De Barometer’, Zesbaans have created a generative environment where news data is visualised in an unfiltered way. De Barometer scans the world and shows you unfiltered images of the three most important current events, based on the amount of reporting by international press agencies. It’s the news even before the editor has seen it. The visual design reminds us of radars, the world clock, or peepholes. The images have the semiotics of news reports, but without inter-mediation by journalists they are more objective and more urgent than we are used to.