The Portugese Tiago Morais Morgado is a violinist, improviser, audiovisual composer and programmer. He started his formal musical studies in 2000, studying alto viola, music technology, musicology and improvisation with people such as: Jorge Alves, Gerhard Doderer and Tomas Herniriques. He is currently studying for his MA degree at the the Institute of Sonology in The Hague.
Tiago was also founder and curator of XS Records, a Portugese netlabel that ran from 2008 untill 2010 with releases by Karlheinz Essi, Agnes Heginger, Klaus Burger and Mathem Ostrowski among others.

Tiago’s style combines electro and acoustic elements and is mostly about textures. He combines granular synthesis on top of acoustic sounds and organizes them in time and space to create a musical structure. A versatile artist that can choose for a more avant-garde improvisational approach or a dancefloor oriented approach, with references to synth-pop, retro-futurism and chill wave.
He also has a hyper-improvisation performance setup, which combines free improvisation on viola with a wide spectrum of electronic resources, such as sound processing (grain delays, stutters, ring modulators, comb filters etc.), phase vocoding and corpus based concatenative granular synthesis and sound spatialisation. Tiago’s visuals are made by analysing bow movement and sound, without the need for any further control rather than the sound producing devices.