After finishing his study industrial design at the technical University in Delft, Joris van Tubergen was closely involved with the founding of ProtoSpace, a FabLab in Utrecht where he works as Lab-manager and creative director. From the start of the company onward, he has dedicated himself to the development of RepRap, an open-source project for DIY 3D printers. This RepRap masterclass hosted by Protospace led to the founding of a company called “The Ultimaker”. A company that sells building kits for 3D printers. Joris was closely involved with the development of the Ultimaker and he has been developing products that can be printed using these machines from the start.
His project “€1,- per Minute Design”, where the amount of print time determines the price, has received a lot of attention of leading galleries and musea. With his vision on digital manufacturing, he contributes to both the scientific and the cultural debate. His appearances on television shows like ‘Labyrinth’ (NTR / VPRO), ‘Zapp-live’ (NTR) and ‘Met de kennis van nu’ (NTR) are a great examples of this.