Besides a lineup of talented artists, musicians, developers and a hard working crew, this year’s festival was made possible with the generous support of our partners. They play an important role in the realization of the festival and they often contribute directly in the programme or overall spatial structure. We would like to use the opportunity to highlight them and pay some attention to their support.


As things are changing in the cultural climate of the Netherlands we are well aware of the opportunity given to us by the Amsterdam Art Fund (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst) and the Performing Arts Fund (Fonds Podiumkunsten). We’re grateful for their financial support, as it gave us the opportunity to invite upcoming artists from the Netherlands and from abroad, like for instance Berlin based Kyson who performed a beautiful liveset, the audiovisual electroacoustic set by Tiago Morgado and a sound/light performance by Mariska de Groot during the DAY programme. We have sparked a few unique projects and collaborations with the support of these funds: the combined performance by Portuguese violist/improviser Tiago Morais Morgado and Ukrainian audiovisual composer Evgeniy Vaschenko (NIGHT), the visuals and stage design by DEFRAME and WERC (NIGHT) and brand new artworks like _in:still life and Innovates that premiered at the EXPO.

Kyson – Photo: Rosa Menkman

DUOTONE II – Mariska de Groot – Photo: Rosa Menkman

Tiago Morais Morgado & Evgeniy Vaschenko – Photo: Vincent Schrijnemakers

‘_in:still life’ by Tijs Ham & Pinar Temiz

Special supporters of the festival are NEC Display Systems and Virtueel Platform. With the sublime NEC beamers that were provided to us, the visitors were able to experience the artworks in the festival EXPO, Video Gallery and stage design at De Verdieping to their fullest extent.

‘Innovates’ projected with NEC beamers

With the support of the Virtueel Platform Visitors Program, FIBER invited visual collective NOTA BENE Visual from Istanbul to present their interactive installation In Order To Control at the EXPO, present their work during a talk and afterwards visit Dutch institutes as NIMk, Fablab, MU and Mediamatic.

NOTA BENE Visual presenting – Photo: Rosa Menkman


We thank our media partners for sharing our signals this year: CJP, De Groene Amsterdammer, DJBroadcast and VICE.

CJP enables young people to develop their cultural taste and to broaden their cultural horizon in the Netherlands and worldwide. CJP offers everyone under the age of 30 discounts at more than 1.800 cultural locations in the Netherlands. De Groene Amsterdammer is an independent Dutch weekly newsmagazine published in Amsterdam and distributed throughout the Netherlands. It is conventionally considered to be one of the four most influential written media in its sector. DJBroadcast is an independent multimedia platform for electronic music and nightlife culture. DJBroadcast is profound, informative and encloses a broad range of progressive and innovative musical styles. VICE is one of the fastest growing media brands in the world. The brand is a collection of young writers, art directors, photographers and directors.


We thank DEFRAME (visual collective), WERC (visual collective), (lights, creative visuals, video), Cornelis Serveert (food art), Resolume (VJ software), TrouwAmsterdam/De Verdieping (club/restaurant/cultural platform), Stiktu (AR App) and Idzard Kwadijk (AR developer & Internet Strategy) for playing an important part of the creative and artistic programme of the FIBER festival 2012.


FIBER is nothing without the support and collaboration of four important technical partners: DEFRAME (visual collective), Kijkbuiskinderen (VJ collective), SP Audio (lights) and NEC (Display Systems).

DEFRAME is the visual heart of the festival. The four members (Luuk Meuffels, Jessica Dreu, Carolien Teunisse and Bram Snijders) brought you visuals, vj’s, stage design and overall visual production. They worked closely together with WERC, who created the mapping sculpture surrounding the DJ booth.

Utrecht VJ collective Kijkbuiskinderen supports FIBER heavily with their FOH tech, video screens, media server and other video related hardware. SP Audio is our lighting power from the south. They’re based in Heerlen and rigged the festival with their light gear, which was controlled by light wizard throughout the entire festival.

FIBER FOH – Kijkbuiskinderen / DEFRAME