“Is it easier to kill an ant or a horse?” This and other important questions of life and ethics are brought to us by NOTA BENE Visual. In their interactive typographic installation ‘In Order To Control’, a long looping text is projected on the floor. When trying to read it, the silhouette of the reader becomes part of the text, on the wall opposite.

NOTA BENE Visual is from Istanbul and specialises in video projection mapping. The group uses this technique in combination with spectacular visuals to create dynamic effects. Having done shows on and in buildings, and even on cars, this group has an impressive and versatile portfolio. They have done both art and commercial works, and they manage to keep the balance between the two. Their commercial work still has that artistic touch and their art is accessible yet profound.

Now the group is coming to the Netherlands to FIBER Festival, thanks to Virtueel Platform. Check out their other projects on their website: notabenevisual.com.