“A Kind of Space’ Exploring Audio Visual Textures with V4W.ENKO and Tiago Morgado

FIBER festival serves as a hotspot where digital creatives with varying backgrounds meet and inspire each other. We are very proud, that even before the festival has started, we have ignited a collaborative audio visual project between V4W.ENKO and Tiago Morgado. In the shape of A Kind of Space’ the opening performance of the NIGHT programme:

Synthetic ExplosionUkrainian Evgeniy Vaschenko a.k.a. (V4W.ENKO) is a versatile audio visual artist who uses algorithms as his instruments. He has released his sounds on several labels like: Ukrainian Kvitnu, a label that concentrates on music and ideas with a high blood pressure in its sound-veins. His electronic and experimental sounds discover new musical variations from the outer world. V4W.ENKO also did several collaborative projects like for example with; Swedish AT/ON released on Laminal, Japanese SANMI released on Nexsound and ‘Fluxtank’, a CineChamber performance in collaboration with Andrey Kiritchenko for CYNETart Festival in Dresden. His most recent release is called ‘Synthetic Explosion’ and is out on FFSpace. Listen to a preview of the album here.


Tiago Morgado was thrilled when we proposed the collaboration with Evgeniy. The multi-talented Portuguese does a Master in Sonology at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. His music is an interesting combination of acoustic elements that are enriched with the capabilities of electronic production, resulting in impressive sound compositions.

From 2008 to 2010 Tiago ran a netlabel called XS Records where he released a wide range of music of his own and others. C. Reider said his style is in lineage of Autechre’s work. But Tiago also did more collaborative projects like for example a tour with Papercutz playing in various venues and festivals like Exit Festival in Servia and SXSW in the United States. Here you see him improvising on his viola with the signals electronically processed adding a layer of effects.

Before the collaborative performance, V4W.ENKO and Tiago will hook up and share, experiment and explore their musical views (signals).The outcome of their collaboration will be performed as the opener of the NIGHT programme on 24th of March.
If you want to learn how to make algorithmic sound, you can sign-up for a Max/MSP/Jitter workshop with Evgeniy during the DAY programme, when Tiago will also perform his Audiovisual Electroacoustic Music Set.



Tiago Morgado