Stiktu is a whole new way of using augmented reality to be creative and add your twist to newspapers, magazines and other objects in the real world. With Stiktu, you can add text, images, stickers and sketches to objects around you by scanning them with your phone. Then anyone who scans that item will see your post directly on top of it, no matter where they are in the world. It works great with flat, well-lit items like posters, magazines and product packaging.

Here‚ see what you can do with Stiktu:
* Create posts by adding stickers, images, sketches and text to items around you
* Share your posts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
* Browse popular and recent posts and ‘Like’ your favorites
* Follow other users and view a feed of what they post

The FIBER festival flyer has been augmented with Stiktu. Follow the instructions and start sharing your signals!
1) Download Stiktu
2) Scan the flyer
3) See what other posted
4) Post yourself and share it with your friends