Festival Databooth
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New to this year’s festival is the Databooth; an ongoing experiment which tries to capture different types of signals, visualising them, and making them available in packages for everyone to use. It enables the audience – present and remote – to participate and translate themselves into an artistically present entity. Parts of the Databooth and festival live-streams will be presented on this page later on.

If you’re a web developer, app builder, creative coder or visualizer and would like to participate in Databooth, please send an email to databooth@fiberfestival.nl. We’re looking for participants who would like to work with us – before and during the festival – on new visualizations of the FIBER Festival data (tweets, audio data, visual data, mobile data).

Processing.js visuals using xml feeds
All of the installations patched in to databending generate a xml feed that you can find right here on the site.
These feeds are refreshed one a minute and consist of a collection of parameters with it’s name and a value between 0.0 and 1.0.

To help you get started we’ve got a template that takes a feed and transforms it to a some handy arrays. That way you can start writing a sketch right away. If you’re pleased with your sketch send it to databooth@fiberfestival and will showcase it in the sidebar. If you want some quick help you can ask heinze on heinze.havinga@gmail.com through gchat or e-mail.

Databooth Participants


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