With the full NIGHT line-up and almost all of the DAY programme announced, it is time for an update on the festival EXPO. We’re happy to announce a very diverse mixture of artists, some of which will participate with already well-known installations and some have entirely new works to exhibit. This years’ EXPO connects with the festival theme ‘Sharing Signals’ and presents a series of works based on the sharing or translating of diverse analogue and digital signals. Enjoy ‘YEARS’, a record-player that plays slices of wood instead of vinyl, listen to ‘_in:still Life’, which translates drops of water into sound, capture images from around the festival with mobile installation ‘Elapse’ by Arne Boon and sit back to watch a continuously playing video gallery co-curated by Mexican interaction designer Josué Ibáñez (hotpixel.mx).

YEARS – Bartholomäus Traubeck

The following installations will be presented at the EXPO (and more to be announced):
Cubebender – Krista van der Wilk
Buchstabengewitter (lettershape projection) – Letters Are My Friends
Smoke Pong (interactive game) – Lieven van Velthoven
_in:still Life (biotechnological installation) – Thijs Ham & Pinar Temiz
In Order to Control (video mapping & kinect installation) – NOTA BENE Visual
Innovates (mapping installation) – by Konstruktiv
Elapse (interactive mobile installation) – Arne Boon
Interrupt (interactive installation) – Erik Overmeire
Ambisonic Flightcase – Jeffrey van Oers
YEARS – Bartholomäus Traubeck

More information can be found on our programme page