We’re really excited about two festival confirmations: Mexican-based Interaction Designer and Educator Josué Ibanez will participate in the festival DAY talks. The second confirmation is from multimedia collective Zesbaans. This year’s festival talk is all about new emerging audio/visual artforms, the overlap between creative fields and the way artists with various backgrounds work together. And above all: a look into the work, minds and future opportunities by three influential artists.

About Zesbaans

Zesbaans is a new media collective based in Utrecht. Projects range from gallery expositions to nightlife installations, with an emphasis on technology and interactivity. Founded in 2007 they consists of young designers with backgrounds in digital media design, interaction design, motion graphics, VJ-ing and technology. Current members are Eelke Feenstra, Max Italiaander, Juul Spee, Mitchel Tan and Harm van de Ven.

About Josué Ibáñez

Josué is an Interaction Designer and Educator based in Mexico City, co-founder of the independent technology design studio Hotpixel and moderator one of the most viewed channels on Vimeo for interaction, installation, generative code & motion design: EXPM Channel.