We’re proud to present a mix of established artists and exquisite fresh talents at FIBER Festival 2012: with a long awaited set by Lebanese Morphosis (Morphine Records), Rotterdam based Frustrated Funk figure Klen and the upcoming collective ESHU from Nijmegen, next to our very own podcast contributors Dubberdink and Mattikk (Nachtwerk, Amsterdam). These artist will participate in our NIGHT programme (21:00 – 05:00).

Photo Morphosis by debr.is

Morphosis (LE) [Morphine Records]

Morphosis by Debr.is

Check out Morphosis’ Morphine Records website HERE
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ESHU [ESHU Records]


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Check out ESHU’s Mixture podcast HERE

Klen [Frustrated Funk]


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Mattikk [Nachtwerk]


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Dubberdink [FIBER]


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