The second edition of FIBER Festival carries the theme ‘Sharing Signals; enacting the in-between’. This theme reflects the festival’s function as a platform to collect artistic views and to explore a networked reality.

On the one hand we focus on the rise of collective data as a source for creative practice. Technology of sensory apparatus’, like mobile phones and the Kinect, plays an important role in bridging the space between virtual and physical space. It augments reality and creates new perspectives.
On the other hand we try to spark new initiatives in order to overcome the grim Dutch cultural climate. In these times of budget cuts the cultural sector is forced to find new ways to sustain itself. 2012 can be seen as a transitional period in which cooperation is a highly important process; a change in mindset is needed. Openly sharing ideas and crossing the borders of one’s discipline are becoming important parts of the artistic practice, hence the power of shared knowledge, crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing to realise new projects. The creative approach of the artist combined with the application of new media are important tools. It explains the powerful connection between art and science. At FIBER we bring together those who share and enact the in-between of sound, image and network interaction.

New to the festival is the Databooth; an ongoing experiment which tries to capture all these different kinds of signals, visualizing them, and making them available in packages for everyone to use. More detailed information on the Databooth can be found here.

‘Sharing Signals, enacting the in-between’ is the open approach of the sharing of knowledge and creating collaboratively, where different disciplines collide, borders between audience and artist fade, ideas develop and new perspectives and experiences emerge. On this basis FIBER hopes to create new views, establish new connections and develop new grounds for future projects.