Today we came across this sneak peek picture of a new set-up from artist Mariska de Groot. She will attend FIBER Festival with a new version of her earlier work during the DAY programme. This picture made us rather curious, to say the least.
If you’re not familiar with her work: Mariska de Groot is an upcoming Dutch audiovisual artist and designer. She creates instruments, installations and does performances where the visual aspect of sound generation becomes visible.

Her work is based on the concept of optical sound (an old technique of capturing sound on film, also used for the first synthesizers) and influenced by different types of aesthetics such as the first Soviet films from the post-industrial era. The work consists of projections, on screens as well as on loudspeakers, of basic shapes and on different forms occurring from their interaction with light-flickering. Visuals and sounds influence each other in all their aspects in such a way, that they also work perfectly autonomous.

In 2011 Mariska was nominated for the STRP talent Pit Award with her work ‘BMP/BPM ~ Light Synth’. If you would like to know more about her new project, keep an eye on our FIBER Space for a full blown interview that will be posted soon.